How to Make an Aladdin Costume

This Halloween is going to be filled with Disney themes. WHY? Well why not!

DISNEY has had a big influence on my friends and I since we grew up in the 90’s and all their stories are timeless, classic, and just great for the whole family.

Just watch the video to see how to do it :) I hope you guys enjoy, and if you would like to create a matching Jasmine outfit then just click here!

There are the “true” and “wicked” versions of the Disney tales, but I just want to stick to the happy-go-lucky Disney since they are just so darn cute ^_^ For now that is… There are some of the villains that I am planning to recreate and I think they will be so fun to do! Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all my friends who had time to hang out while doing some random stuff. REALLY. RANDOM. LOL. It’s Halloween so we do whut we want! Enjoy this tutorial on How to Make An Aladdin costume using:

Purple Felt for his vest

Needle, thread, and some sewing required, or you can use a trusty glue gun instead of sewing it.

Baggy white Pants

A baggy white or tan sweater

Gold fabric for his belt

Half of a Styrofoam cup for his cap

Red fabric for his cap also

Bobbypin or stretchy headband for cap

Stong tape or a glue gun for his cap

Bronzer for makeup in case you need a darker tan

I tried to make this is a very simple tutorial so I hope you guys enjoy it. There is no excuse for a bad costume this Halloween okay??

That’s all for now guys, and I will be making more costumes soon :)


One Response to How to Make an Aladdin Costume

  1. Evan says:

    RUN AMOK! lol that was cray-cray but very entertaining. I couldn’t pay attention to the instructions because I was laughing so hard… I’m watching that again!

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